* starpods unlimited *

Envisioning consciously co-created, cooperative, connected, clustered, community seed culture


A compilation of designs, images, original music, stories, musings and dreams with intent: 
 to bring forward a realm of novel, synergetic possibilities
to stimulate and inspire imagination and commitment
    to new ways of co-existing with all Earth’s inhabitants
to embody and grow the paradise paradigm, 
Garden Earth, embraced in planetary peace
to generate co-operative, peaceful, sustainable, 
consciously interconnected, mandala-clustered,
    Ring Villages with gardens and food forests
to re-establish the natural balance and harmony
    between Humanity and our Living Planet
to open a way to step out of the box
to grow and flourish from the ground UP
through locally sustainable, wholo-fractal, sovereign
globally interconnected eco-communities
one piece of paradise at a time

Imagine seed culture eco-villages, bound together by their synergetic generation of common space,  like stars clustering into proximate groupings, bound together by gravitational pull.  Designed through applied biomimicry, inspired by the stars, these living forms of ecologically sustainable settlement strategies can be planted into the rich, fertile Earth to support and supply her steadily increasing population with geometrically mushrooming forms of abundance.